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All About Withdrawal Limit
News Date : March 13, 2017 00:00:00

Dear "TAL" family members. I am here to announce a very important news which is based on the report and solution by our Trading Team, "Mr. Fawad" Director of our secondary backup income source Forex Trading team.

As Many of you know that TAL has backup income source which is crypto (bitcoin), VCH, TTR Processors etc trading. It is a bear fact we have not much advertising contracts yet. But with the time we are approving much, The day our members will reach about 25000 to 50000 we will start getting new advertising contracts from the company and you can not believe with such number of members how big contracts we will start getting. I can give you a glance of it with 50000 members we will get the advertising contracts like our one static banner or login ad will start selling on 100$ per day.
So basically its Mr Fawad responsibility to keep our Master ROI (Return of Investment or say Fund box of TAL) to keep it Full and over fund so we have no worry to Therefor our members on TAL, Here I want to mention why other Revenue shares take 24 to 48 hours and sometimes 72 hours in complete withdraw because they wait for new funds to be deposit by members! But as you have experienced already in TAL that our payout time is 5 to 15 minutes that is why I am very thankful to our Forex Team Director Mr. Fawad and his team. To making TAL work smoothly till it reach to the good quantity of members like 50000 members then we will rely almost less than 25% on our crypto trading experienced team that time.

To make TAL revenue share long lasting and stronger we decided to introduce a unique feature where company and member become more sure about TAL will become number 1 in revenue share business and pay its members in time. There for we decided a member can withdraw 200% of his deposit amount, It is mean if he has already withdrawn 200% of his deposit amount he will have to deposit new amount in cash balance so he can again withdraw 200% of his newly deposited amount.

The reason for doing this is if 10 persons just deposit one time 100$ and take out each month 100$ because with only TAL revenue share it is so much possible to earn more than double of your deposit by repurchasing of adpacks using your earning balance for a month. Soon if those 10 members keep withdrawing 100$ and not make a new deposit (new funds). The company will goes weaker day by day. So far now our Forex trading team is managed to keep ROI ( Return of Investment ) over fund so have no problem to pay out but when our member's number will massively increase in near future like 50000 members they can really impact our backup income trading source. because of only people deposit once and keep enjoy withdrawal each month 100% or more of their deposit and company receive no new deposit how the trading team going to trade with. So that is why there was so much need of this feature that members can only withdraw 200% of their deposit so next time if they want to do a withdraw again they have to make a deposit of their desired amount they want to withdraw. But in another hand, we decided to increase the daily withdraw limit to 600$ so they can still earn more big amount and they do not feel the burden of deposit

In another manner, we saw no business yet which even returns monthly 200% of our investment constantly for whole life. So its so fair deal and our developer designed it so well to make sure member keep get paid smoothly and the company also keep run for infinite time.

A successful company is called who pay their members for atleast two months according to its policies regularly and the company also make the profit.

Hope you all family members will agree with this statement my humble request to all TAL leaders they cooperate with us and explain their referrals with that step. We making sure we do long term business with our members and keep pay them on time and without facing any problems. Thanks To All TAL Family members

Important News Read Carefully
News Date : January 29, 2017 00:00:00

Dear Members

✋✋✋ Important News, Read Carefully ✋✋✋


From now your Ad Check Time will be resettled according to Server Time means when Server time went to new date and 00:00:00 then your Ads Check time will be resettled automatically.

One more important change to filtration system is that Surfing Ad can't be surfed with same IP Address within 24 hours. So, in this way Advertiser Abuse will be decreased.



TheAdsLeader Administration Team

❗️❗️ Alert for Duplicate Accounts ❗️❗️
News Date : January 27, 2017 00:00:00


Dear Member


❗️❗️Alert❗️❗️ ❗️❗️Alert❗️❗️ ❗️❗️Alert❗️❗️


We are getting some abuse report from Advertisers that they are getting duplicate traffic from our Website that is not good for us because that annoys our Advertiser. Our filtration system also detected that many users created duplicate accounts to get extra commission which is strictly prohibited in our System. If our filtration system detected that user having multiple accounts both will be suspended.

For that users which are having multiple accounts that need to submit a ticket within 24 hours to request to merge all funds and positions to one account otherwise their all accounts will be suspended by our Filtration System.


⚠️ Note: Filtration System will be active to start taking action from January 28, 2017



TheAdsLeader Administrators and Team

Dont Stop here Read Carefully
News Date : January 11, 2017 00:00:00

Dear Members

👉👉👉 Don't Stop here Read Carefully!! 👈👈👈

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Warm Regards,


Online Advertising Network

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New Year Hot Offer
News Date : December 26, 2016 00:00:00


We bring a Exclusive Offer on Celebrating New Year. We are Offering 5% Flate Discount. Use the Below Coupon and get 5% Discount on all kind of Purchases.Cool



Coupon Code NY2017


This Coupon will Expire on (02 - JAN - 2017)

Static Login Advertisements
News Date : December 19, 2016 00:00:00


Congratulations to our Advertisers!
We brought a good opportunity for our Advertiser. Now you can select your desired date to advertise your products or links. This feature will help Advertiser to target their Audience according to upcoming events or desired event. Calendar Feature only applied on Static Login Advertisements.

TheAds Leader Administrator and Team

Referrals and Levels
News Date : December 19, 2016 00:00:00


We Pleased to Introduce a New and Unique Feature in TheAds Leader. The Feature Name is Referrals & Levels Tree. This Unique Feature will help you to locate your Referrals Members from Level 1 to Level 10. Watch the below Video to learn how to use this Tree System.

Administration TheAdsLeader

Website Will be Launch on 1st Dec 2016
News Date : November 15, 2016 05:42:06

We are ready for Explosion


Hello Everybody. Be happy as we are going to launch worlds largest and most comprehensive system. In this System you can Advertise your Product, Website, Business, Blog or any thing as you want to Advertise. We have all Famous and most Authentic methods for Advertisements as (PPC Banners, Simple Banners, PPC Ads, PTC Ads, Login Ads, Text Ads, Frame Ads, Frameless Ads etc. We have Configured very strict Advanced and Professional Anti-Cheat system to prevent BOTs traffic because we guaranteed to our Advertisers we provide you High Quality Filtered Targeted Traffic which will Boost up your desires. Our Prices are cheaper then the Global Market because we are leading Globally.

We also offering to our Members to Earn Money Online through our most Reliable and Profitable System. We have lot of earning sources in our system like Revenue Share, Matrix,  Straight Line, LeaderShip system etc. if you are interested in Revenue Share system so you just buy AdsPack and Earn Upto 135% of your Investment on hourly base system. We also have a Unique Earning system its name is LeaderShip system so if you Referred your Friends then you can reach the Multiple LeaderShip Ranks and our all LeaderShip rank holder will earn Commissions from their Referrals Team from Level 1 to Level 10 Upto 75% of each Purchase from Referrals. You will be only the Leader of your Team just Control and Command them to Boost your Earning in minutes.

Not on only this you will also enjoy the most reliable and trustable residual earning plans in which anyone can be our member and can earn UPTO 135% of investments made by the members of this program.These plans are specially made for advertisers for advertising their products and business programs over the internet, where millions of internet users will hit their products and advertises genereted and routed by us. Our team is working here on the net for our valueable clients. The website will be officially inaugurated and operational on 1st Dec 2016. Be the first to be the member of pioneers batch and enjoy special protocol and services by our team. You will not only earn and advertise on this system but also have a LAVISH services by our teams who are working 24/7 for your satisfaction and ease. Hope to see you happy and relax. Because once you will be the member, you will relax and our system will work for you. 

Wish you all the Best.

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