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TheAds Leader is a Global Leader of Internet Marketing and Advertiser Company. We providing high quality Targeted Traffic to our Clients with multiple advertising sources as Banner ads, PPC ads, PTC Ads, Login Ads, Message Ads, Email Marketing, SmS marketing & lot of others. We also Providing Some best Earning Plans for our Publishers, As a Publisher you can buy Ad Packs from our Revenue Share System and Earn up to 130% of your Invested Amount. We also have lot of other Source to earn money every seconds.
Yes the Registration is Absolutely free for Advertiser and Publishers.
No Age Restriction Apply. Everybody can Join TheAds Leader.
No. TheAds Leader is an Advertising and Internet Marketing Company where you can Advertise your Products, Websites, Blogs, Business or any thing which you want to Promote. Also we are Providing Multiple Earning Sources for Publishers like Revenue Sharing, MLM and Some other Investment Plans.
Yes of course its Legal Because in order for any Program to be legal Its Required to Deliver a Service or Product to you and which members who Purchased our any Service we Provide them The pack of Advertise like Banner Ads, PTC Ads, PPC Ads, Login Ads etc.
NO you can't Own Multiple Accounts on Single PC and Single IP.
Yes we are very strict to Protect our Members its our First Priority to Protect our Members Information. It will never be shared to any other on any cost.
Accounts may be Suspended for reasons, not limited to, inappropriate behavior/abuse towards other members and/or the administration of TheAds Leader/filing of payment disputes and several other reasons.
If you believe that none of the above is true and still your account has been Suspended, please contact us by Ticket System.
No. Its not an investment or HYIP that tells you how much you will make daily or fixed plan No we don't, as stated on our terms and conditions. You are purchasing a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to your website or referral link. You may also receive a share of our revenue which is instantly shared on every sales we receive, please note that this depends upon sales of our Advertising Packages & Services through our site. TheAds Leader is created to offer you the best real quality advertising services with high exposure.
No its not compulsory. But promoting and getting referrals may increase your earnings.
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